Opis obrazka - przykład 9

opis obrazka

The picture presents many people at the seaside. In the foreground I see sea and sand. In the background there are houses and trees. In the middle of the picture there are many people. They are doing many things. Some of them are playing with children, some are swimming, whereas the others are having a rest. I think the weather is not nice because I can see some clouds and no sun.

1. Why all those people have come to the beach?

Because it is summer, they have a lot of free time and want to relax.

2. Which season do you prefer, winter or summer?

I prefer winter. I love snow and mountains and in winter I can ski. That is what I love. I am not afraid of cold. I don’t mind wearing anorak, gloves, boots and cap. I like Christmas and Christmas is in winter as well.