Opis obrazka - przykład 1

Look at the picture, describe it first and then answer the two questions below. You can compare your answers with the sample answers found in the key.

opis obrazka

1. What do you think the man and the donkey are doing in the street?

2. In what way can people and animals make good friends?


In the picture I can see a man and a donkey standing in the street of some city. The man is wearing a grey shirt, dark blue shorts and rather heavy boots. He is leading the donkey behind him. The donkey is a kind of dark brown colour and has got some fluorescent yellow cloth on his back. The man is most probably looking at the high building which stands in front of him. It might be some street gate. It is made of white stone decorated with low reliefs. The building on the right side of the road was designed in the same architectural style. It is two storey high and has got tall bright windows. In front of it, I can also see a large umbrella and some tables. It might be a restaurant or a café. Perhaps when the weather is nice you can sit there and drink a cup of coffee in the shade. The roof of the building is decorated with stone sculptures and a railing. The weather is sunny and I suppose it must be very hot. The sky is clear blue and there seems to be no wind.


Question 1.

The city presented in the picture might be a place where lots of tourists come to see the sights and perhaps the donkey is simply a tourist attraction. It might be an important animal for this region and its agriculture. Very often tourists want to pose for a picture with animals or take a ride on them. So I a way we might say that the man and the donkey work together.

Question 2.

People and animals can make really good friends. Caring for an animal can also teach you responsibility and love. Almost everyone has got a dog or a cat at home. That’s why the best example of such relationship might be the friendship between the man and the dog. Dogs can make very loving and devoted friends. They are very often great companions of old people or can also help the blind in their everyday life. Other animals, such as horses, are used in treating disabled children.