Add – to put something with another thing or group of things.
Bake – to make food by preparing a dough, batter, etc., and cooking it in an oven using dry heat.
Blend – to mix things thoroughly.
Boil – to cook something in water that is boiling.
Bread – to cover food with bread crumbs before cooking it.
Broil – to cook food directly over or under extremely high heat.
Chop – to cut something into pieces by hitting it with the sharp edge of a knife.
Cut – to use a sharp tool such as a knife to open or divide something, such as paper or wood.
Dip – to put something into a liquid and pull it out again quickly.
Fry – to cook food in fat or oil.
Grate – to cut food into very small pieces by rubbing it against a grater.
Grill – to cook food on a metal frame over fire.
Layer – to form or arrange parts or pieces of something on top of each other
Level – to make something flat or level.
Melt – to change from a solid to a liquid usually because of heat.
Pinch – the amount of something that can be held between your finger and thumb.
Pour – to cause something to flow in a steady stream from or into a container or place.
Scramble – to prepare eggs by mixing the white and yellow parts together and then stirring the mixture in a hot pan.
Serve – to give food or drink to someone.
Simmer – to cook something so that it is almost boiling for a certain period of time.
Slice – to cut a thin piece of food.
Spread – to put a layer of something on top of something else.
Stir – to mix something by making circular movements in it with a spoon.
Taste – to sense the flavor of something that you are eating or drinking.

Przykladowe zdania:

  • My mum prepares food in the kitchen. Moja mama przygotowuje jedzenie w kuchni.
  • People cook in the kitchen. Ludzie gotują w kuchni.
  • We sometimes eat in the kitchen. Czasami jemy w kuchni.
  • I make coffee or tea in the kitchen. Robią kawę lub herbatę w kuchni.