Bad dream

Today I would like to write about my bad dream which I had last night.

" When I open my eyes I notice that I was lying on the bottom of the trench. I felt small drops of rain on my face. It was very quiet ...only drops of rain splatter.

I tried to move but I couldn't. I looked down and saw that I was in uniform, I kept in my hands a rifle. I looked around and saw a lot of bodies ...dead people in the uniforms ...

Suddenly, I felt under my coat something was mowing ...small and like scalpel sharp claws touching my neck and moving down into my breast.

I was overcome with terror ....when I recognized that it was ...RAT!!!

Moving my hand was a quite a effort for me....I slowly open the moved tails of my coat and cough the disgusting tail of that rodent. I threw it left and heard strange noise...when I looked at this direction I saw than dead rat was hanging on the barbed wire."