Why do people decide to leave Poland?

Dlaczego ludzie decydują się na emigrację i opuszczają Polskę. Dlaczego wolimy Irlandię niż nasz kraj? Kilka argumentów - oczywiście po angielsku z wytłumaczonymi słówkami. A jakie jest wasze zdanie?

  • Why Ireland? Why not Poland? Ireland gave me the opportunity to work despite my very little experience. Present earnings help me to live independently. In Poland I was not seriously treated by other well-experienced architects, so I decided to leave. Emigration was the best idea in my situation.
  • What was your first impression when you came there? I wasn't satisfied. despite being the capital city and the biggest city in Ireland, Dublin appeared to me poor and ugly. Buildings drew my attention because they are very attractive and resembling the one from Notting Hill
  • How did you find a job? In my case finding a job was an easy matter. After finding the list of architectural companies in Dublin and preparing my port folio I bought the Dublin's map. I left my CV in every of these places. A few days later I had a job interview and next day I started my first job abroad.
  • Are Irish people similar to Poles? Why/why not? I think that in some ways they are. It is difficult to talk about details, it's easier to talk about stereotypes. Irish people are very modest. They are easygoing as well. That is why their standards of life are rather low. On the other hand they have a great sense of humor . As far as differences are concerned, Poles are mercenary and heartlessly when they want to achieve something.
  • What do they think about Poland/Poles? I always ask Irishmen about it. They say that Poles are hard working, professional and nice. But we are a kind of danger for them because of work. They feel overwhelming presence of Poles, and they are becoming tired of it.
  • What strikes you most there? The weather. Sometimes it is so windy that it is almost impossible to walk! There is no summer and no winter and humidity is very high! It is very hard to get used to!
  • What do you think about medical care there? As far as medical help is concerned ,they should still learn a lot. It's better to postpone the appointment till you come to Poland. I know it from my experience. The quality of treatment is very low, surgeons are very expensive but badly equipped. There is a constant lack of doctors. Doctors who work there are also emigrants and it is difficult to communicate with them.
  • Is it easier to set up family in Ireland? I think it is. Firstly, wages are higher so you have more opportunities. Secondly, as far as I know social help is very good.
  • What is your opinion about Ireland now? Up till now Ireland hasn't managed to convince me. Although Irishmen are very kind and good people, I don't feel like home here. It's a country that gives a chance to young people and this is why I am grateful to them. It's a developing country but I think that the level of culture is very poor. As my friend said ? In Ireland everything is average?. And he got to the point. Here everything is really ?so so?and that is why I don't plan to live here.
  • How do you handle without Polish cuisine? Recently in Ireland many shops with Polish food have popped up. You can buy there all kinds of products typical for Polish cuisine ? dairy, meat, drinks and even candies. Nevertheless, my mother sends me home-made dishes, which are delicious, the best in the world.

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    Lista najtrudniejszych słówek wraz z tłumaczeniem i wymową:

    opportunity - szansa
    earnings - zarobki
    despite - wbrew
    drew my attention - zwrócił moją uwagę
    resembling - przypominający
    modest - nieduży
    easygoing - luźny
    mercenary - najemnik
    heartlessly - bezdusznie
    postpone - odroczenie
    wages - płace
    convince - przekonać
    grateful - wdzięczny
    average - wartość średnia
    cuisine - kuchnia
    popped up - wyskoczył
    dairy - nabiał

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