Ireneusz Krosny

ireneusz krosny

Ireneusz Krosny to niewątpliwie najsłynniejszy i najbardziej znany polski komiks mim, który od lat występuje w Polsce i zagranicą rozśmieszając publikę swoimi skeczami. Dziś w artykule dotyczącym tego komika, poznamy kilka faktów z jego życia, oraz nauczymy się sporo nowych słówek.

Ireneusz Krosny is undoubtedly the most famous and recognized Polish comic mime, who some time ago performed in Dolan's Pub with his author's spectacle entitled: "The Best of".

Over an hour, the mime was entertaining the audience with the funniest etudes chosen from his broad repertoire. This has been his first visit to Ireland, where he performed in Galway and will be performing in Dublin, Waterford and Navan.

Shortly prior to his spectacle Ireneusz Krosny agreed to an interview with me. He said he enjoys performing abroad. He has driven all over the world from Far East to America. Recently he was visiting Peking, China and he is going to Iceland, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Mongolia. He describes Ireland as a very homely and friendly place. Krosny is not familiar with an emigrants life. He recalls during his studies he was going to the biggest European cities to perform on the streets but as a recognized mime he turned down a proposal of a half a year touring across the United States.

The Polish audience living aboard does not differ from the one living in Poland, says Krosny. The Americans are definitely the least hampered nation in terms of showing their reactions and the Russians are the most restrained ones. The mime gets to know his audience from the stage; he can recognize whether they are sensitive.

The ideas for his original etudes simply come from his head. Making up new scenarios is definitely the most difficult part of his job.

Krosny has been fascinated with pantomime since he was a child. As a 14 year-old boy he went to see a pantomime. He was thinking he would be performing as part of a pantomime group playing a drama. He has been the best Polish mime with his unique style and entertaining the audience all over the world now.

He does not know what the language barrier is. He has worked out his own original technique of miming, transparent like the elocution of the actor, making each movement understandable, without attracting attention to the technique itself. He does not use make up. He always performs in the black neutral costume. That is a very frugal form of expression. His One Mime Theatre has been created by one's man movement. Krosny has created a world that does not exist, says his manager Jacek Balon. He has been extremely reliable on the stage. Thus, he makes his audience believe in that world and moreover he makes them enjoy it. They laugh until the tears come.

By Katarzyna Łamasz

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