At a hotel

Kilka przykładowych dialogów w hotelu - zamawianie pokoju w hotelu po angielsku, zamawianie posiłków, itd

Conversation 1 : At a hotel.

Receptionist: Good morning. Welcome to our hotel. How may I help you?

Guest: Good morning. I would like a room, please.

Receptionist: Did you make a reservation?

Guest: No, I didn’t. Unfortunately, I forgot to book a room. Have you got any rooms available?

Receptionist: Let me see. Yes, we have. Would you like a single or a double room?

Guest: A single, please. How much does it cost?

Receptionist: A single room with a bathroom costs £140 per night.

Guest: What’s included in the price?

Receptionist: Breakfast, dinner and Internet access. You may also use a swimming pool and a SPA.

Guest: Will I get the code to the Internet?

Receptionist: Yes, of course. Please tell me how long you want to stay in our hotel.

Guest: Two nights.

Receptionist: Alright. May I have your name please?

Guest: It’s Axell Forneil.

Receptionist: Could you spell that?

Guest: It’s A-X-E-LL F-O-R-N-E-I-L

Receptionist: How would you like to pay for the room?

Guest: I will pay in cash. Could you tell me what time the checkout is?

Receptionist: The checkout is at 12 o’clock. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Guest: No, I think that’s all.

Receptionist: Ok. Here is your key. Your room number is 450, it’s on the third floor.

Guest: Oh. I’ve got two more questions. Where are the restaurant and the SPA centre and

what time do they open?

Receptionist: The restaurant is on the first floor on the right from the lift. The swimming pool and

the SPA centre are in the second building. All the facilities are open from 7 o’clock in

the morning to 10 o’clock at night.

Guest: Thank you. Bye

Receptionist: Have a nice stay in our hotel. Bye.

  slownictwo do pracy w hotelu


Conversation 2 : At a hotel.

Receptionist: Grenimi Hotel. How can I help you?

Guest: Hello. This is room number 420. I have a problem with my TV. It seems to be broken.

Could you send someone to come and repair it? I’d like to have it repaired as soon as


Receptionist: Please, don’t worry. I will call our handyman in a minute.

Guest: Great. And could you put me through to your restaurant? I would like to order lunch

to my room.

Receptionist: Just a second I am putting you through.


[After a while]


Restaurant: Hotel Restaurant. How may I help you?

Guest: I would like to order Greek salad and chicken nuggets to room number 420.

Restaurant: It will be delivered to your room in fifteen minutes. Would you like anything to drink?

Guest: A bottle of red wine, please. And that’s all. Please charge it.

Restaurant: Alright. It will be £25

Guest: Thank you. Bye.


Conversation 3 : At a hotel.

Receptionist: Good morning. Brindminton Hotel. How may I help you?

Guest: Good morning. My name is Axell Forneil. I have a reservation in your hotel.

Receptionist: Could you repeat your name, please?

Guest: Axell Forneil. It’s A-X-E-LL F-O-R-N-E-I-L. I made the reservation last Monday.

Receptionist: Let me check. It’s a room for four. Two adults with two children. Am I right?

Guest: That is right. I booked one room with a double bed and two single beds.

Receptionist: Alright. Unfortunately, the room has not been prepared yet. Could you wait a couple of

hours? I apologise for the delay. As a compensation I can offer you a 10 %

discount or extra day for free.

Guest: No problem. We prefer the discount.

Receptionist: Very good. You are staying in our hotel for 5 days. Am I right?

Guest: Yes. That’s right.

Receptionist: Ok. So it will be £1500 per 5 nights, with the discount, it will be £1350.

Guest: Great. Do you accept credit cards?

Receptionist: Yes, we do. Our bellboy will take your luggage to your room.

Guest: Thank you very much. See you later

Receptionist: Have a nice stay. Bye.



Useful vocabulary and phrases:

  • to make a reservation – zarezerwować
  • to book a room/table– zarezerwować, zabukować pokój/stolik
  • to have a reservation – mieć rezerwację
  • to have rooms available – mieć wolne pokoje
  • a single room – pokój jednoosobowy
  • a single bed – pojedyncze łóżko
  • a double room – pokój dwuosobowy
  • a double bed – podwójne łóżko
  • per night – za nocleg
  • to include – zawierać
  • access – dostęp
  • to stay – zatrzymać się
  • to spell – literować
  • a floor – piętro
  • facilities – udogodnienia, pomieszczenia
  • to seem – wydawać się
  • a handyman – złota rączka, fachowiec
  • to put sb through – łączyć kogoś, połączyć
  • to deliver – dostarczać
  • a delay – opóźnienie
  • compensation – rekompensata
  • a discount – zniżka
  • a bellboy – boy hotelowy
  • luggage - bagaż