Bumping into People

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To bump into something means to collide with something, or to knock against something. But in colloquial speech, it also means to meet someone unexpectedly.

For instance. Today I went to the supermarket. Unfortunately, as I was parking my car, I bumped into a lamp-post. When I went into the supermarket, I bumped into Harry Johnson. I hadn’t seen him for years, so we had a long chat beside the cat food.

Now a joke.
A short-sighted man walked into a supermarket.
Guess who he bumped into?


bump into something - wjechać w coś, walnąć w coś, wpaść na kogoś (spotkać kogoś niespodziewanie)

collide - zderzać się, zderzyć się (np. w wypadku samochodowym)

colloquial speech - mowa potoczna